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GoPro footage of couple’s first kiss discovered after a year lost at sea

GoPro Capturing Passionate Kiss was Lost at Sea and Found a Year Later
GoPro cameras may be more known for their action shots, but apparently they aren’t bad at telling love stories either. One year after a GoPro fell to the bottom of the ocean just moments after capturing a now-engaged couple’s first kiss, a diver scooped the camera up off the ocean floor, finding the original owner by posting the video on social media.

Denis Zaychuk, a 19-year-old from St. Petersburg, Russia, and Anna Panina, 18, spent their first date cliff jumping off a 32-foot crevice in Vladivostok on August 1, 2015. The two shared their first kiss before Zaychuk jumped, using what appears to be a selfie stick to capture both the kiss and the jump. Unfortunately for the couple, the camera came loose and ended up on the bottom of the ocean, along with the footage of their first kiss.

The couple wrote off the camera as gone for good, until Zaychuck spotted the footage of that first kiss online over a year after the camera fell into the sea. A diver had stumbled on the GoPro and posted the video on social media in an attempt to find the couple.

“I was overjoyed because it had been more than a year,” Zaychuk told Inside Edition. “I even could not think that someone [would] find my camera. It’s an incredible emotion.”

The diver sent the camera back to Zaychuk — now over 6,000 miles from the scene of that fated first kiss. Along with the footage from the kiss and the jump, the camera managed to capture a few sea creatures swimming by.

Ironically, the diver that picked up the camera was looking for a friend’s lost GoPro when he happened to find Zaychuk’s camera. After paddle-boarder Vladimir Bulbakh realized the GoPro wasn’t his, he posted the footage on Instagram to find the owners. The video was later shared by ViralHog.

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