Lytro’s interactive ‘Living Gallery’ shows off new Illum camera’s capabilities

lytros interactive living gallery shows new illum cameras capabilities lytro picture
If you’re wondering just what kind of photos Lytro’s Illum is capable of taking, the company has a section on its website that showcases some of the “living pictures” that demonstrate Lytro’s light-field technology. Lytro photos let you refocus on any point of the image simply by clicking on it, but you can also click and drag to shift the perspective and create a 3D parallax view, or zoom in. These interactive features are what Lytro refers to as living pictures. Unlike the original Lytro Camera, the Illum captures images with greater resolution and a much stronger lens, making it a more pro-like camera. It also costs $1,599, so it’s a very expensive gadget (Yahoo Tech’s David Pogue calls it a “one-trick pony”; despite our initial praise for the original camera, that is how we ended up feeling, too). But if you need some convincing before you plunk down that kind of cash, check out some of the photos below or head to Lytro’s site for even more. Lytro is taking orders now, but the Illum isn’t expected to ship until September. Click here to read more about the Illum.

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