How to make your wedding photo more memorable? Get Zach Braff to photobomb it

make wedding photo memorable get zach braff photobomb sascha reinking

Nobody likes to get photobombed, especially when it’s a special moment like this newlywed couple smooching in the middle of Times Square in New York City to celebrate their special day. You could say, serves them right for taking the photo in one of the world’s busiest intersections. But photographer Sascha Reinking saw the upside when he noticed the photobomber is Scrubs/Garden State actor Zach Braff. Braff confirmed it was him when he retweeted the photo, saying it’s one of his best photobombs ever (which means he probably does this a lot).

So, instead of tossing the image into the “delete” pile, Braff may have given the couple their best photo. Before you curse the photobomber in your images next time, make sure it isn’t Braff or someone famous.

(Image via Sascha Reinking)