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MeCam upgrades lifelogging camera to capture your everyday moments in 1080p video

mecam launches hd lifelogging wifi camera 1

Having a camera with you at all times is handy for capturing those memorable, impromptu photos that can happen at any minute, but unless you’re quick enough to power up a camera or unlock a smartphone, fleeting moments are exactly just that – they’re gone before you can even press the shutter. A new crop of wearable cameras based on the lifelogging concept has started popping up, such as the Autographer and Narrative Clip (formerly Memoto). Another example is the MeCam, which shoots not just 5-megapixel photos but also 720p high-definition videos. But the company is preparing to launch a new version called the MeCam HD, which is currently seeking funding on a new crowdsourcing platform called Dragon Innovation. The MeCam HD improves upon its predecessor with 1080p HD video capture, more ways to wear it (clip bracket, safety pin bracket, or neck strap), rugged design, and has built-in Wi-Fi for remote viewing or content sharing via a smartphone (the downside is that image capture has dropped to 3.1 megapixels, but MeCam told us that the lower-megapixel sensor works better in low light).

The appeal here is the Wi-Fi, but MeCam is also working with a company called HighlightCam to include video-editing in the MeCam app for iOS and Android. “The program works by singling out the ‘highlights’ of your footage and shoots you back a fully edited video seamlessly,” the company says. MeCam says its camera can capture images with “true image color presentation,” and there are three modes for shooting burst and time-lapse photography. There’s also HDMI-out and a slew of upcoming accessories including mounts and a waterproof casing.

Unfortunately, because the MeCam HD is more like a full-fledge action (think GoPro) POV camera than something like the original MeCam or the sleek, single-purpose, and “out-of-the-way” Narrative Clip, the MeCam HD is slightly chunky looking in design; it weighs 2.5 ounces and measures 2 x 2 square. A larger form factor, however, allows it to use better specs and Micro SD cards for storage.

When it goes on sale the MeCam HD will retail for $259 – less than either the Narrative Clip or Autographer. But if you support the Dragon Innovation campaign now, you can get in on the “early bird” special for as little as $170 (a holiday special offer knocks off another $10, but limited in quantity). The MeCam HD has an expected ship date to investors around January 2014.

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