Midnight Shot camera lets you capture creepy photos in the dark

midnight shot camera lets you capture creepy photos in the dark 040611 night vision 1

When it comes to lighting, most of us like to take photographs in the daylight or with a bright flash that compensates when in a dimly-lit area–pretty standard stuff. But if that kind of photography just doesn’t suit your fancy, ThinkGeek now offers a camera that allows you to shoot in complete darkness, for whatever strange reason you might need to do so.

The Midnight Shot NV-1 Night Vision Camera ($130) uses infrared technology to illuminate scenes that look like complete darkness to the naked human eye. At only 5 megapixels, the camera’s “standard photography” mode might go unused, but it offers decent quality photos and video footage for whatever adventures or mischief you need to capture on film. When used during the daytime, the night vision mode with infrared can often see through fabric, paper, or other thin material–but as ThinkGeek makes sure to note–they’d prefer you not use the camera for various forms of evil. Whether you want to sneak up on your roommate in the dark or capture those elusive lions on your next African safari, the Midnight Shot’s invisible infrared flash will be there to capture a creepy photo that looks like something from The Real World’s bedtime cameras.