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MiMedia is a new cloud storage platform focusing on media consumption

If you haven’t committed to a cloud storage service, there is a new option on the market. Startup MiMedia is a cross-platform offering that has a focus on storing the documents you care about most: photo, videos, music, and other personal files.

MiMedia works across many connected device such as smartphones, tablets, desktops, and laptops. The platform supports sharing between iOS and Android, and there’s a feature that allows users to share files (privately) with invited family and friends, called MiDrive. Invited members can even chat or leave comments, like in social networking.

Files stored on MiMedia can also be shared publicly on social networks through a simple, one-click action, and in their original, high-resolution quality. Besides security, MiMedia touts easy uploads and organization. The user interface looks clean and well designed (the music page has a iTunes-like interface) making it easy to navigate around.

“MiMedia allows you to curate, share, and rediscover your priceless personal media all in one place, rather than having it all lost and forgotten in the jumble of personal devices, social media accounts, and daily life,” says CEO Chris Giordano.

MiMedia on an iPad.
MiMedia on an iPad.

New users can sign up and start using the service for free. MiMedia’s starter package provides 10GB of storage, which amounts to approximately 2,500 photos, 125 videos, 2,000 songs, or 10,000 documents. If you run out of room, there are two fee-based packages: MiMedia Basic Plan (500GB) for $8 a month or $85 annually for 500GB, or Plus Plan (1TB) for $10 a month or $100 annually. The 500GB option can hold approximately 125,000 photos, 6,250 videos, 100,000 songs, or 500,000 documents, while the 1TB option has room for approximately 250,000 photos, 12,500 videos, 200,000 songs, or 1,000,000 documents.

MiMedia on iOS.
MiMedia on iOS.

MiMedia is entering a crowded field with established cloud storage players, like Dropbox, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Box, Amazon, et al., offering similar features. With a free 10GB starter account, it’s more than what Dropbox or Apple’s iCloud offers. The 1TB price is also in line with what Dropbox and Apple charges. But Google offers 15GB for free, and unlimited storage for photos and videos via Google Photos (albeit with restrictions), while Flickr gives you 1TB to store photos and videos (but no documents or music). There are a lot of options when it comes to storage, but MiMedia’s offering looks competitive, particularly if you consume a lot of media.

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