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Moment makes the iPhone X even better with new lenses and cases

From user reviews to standardized tests and the specs list alone, the iPhone X is shaping up to have the best built-in camera Apple has designed yet — and those capabilities will soon be expandable. On November 15, Moment announced three new accessories for the iPhone X; a battery photo case, a photo case, and a new set of lenses. With the smartphone having launched only this fall, the Moment accessories are among the first iPhone X lenses.

The new iPhone X case allows users to attach Moment Lenses to the camera, as well as to a wrist strap. Like the company’s earlier cases, the iPhone X case comes in a minimalist black design or with a wood accent.

While the first case follows earlier designs, Moment is also launching a battery case. With a launch not planned until the spring of 2018, full details on the case aren’t available, but Moment says the case will include wireless QI charging. Like the non-electric photo case, the battery case can also attach Moment lenses to the rear camera, but adds longer shooting times with the extra battery built into the case.

iPhone X - Our Epic 4 Day Camera Test | Shot on iPhone + Moment

Moment is also launching four new smartphone lenses to pair with the iPhone X using those cases, including a wide angle lens, telephoto lens, super fisheye lens, and a new macro lens. Moment says the new wide angle is the best wide lens it has made to date. The lens captures a view two times wider than the built-in lens without edging into fisheye distortion territory.

While the wide angle goes two times wider, Moment’s new tele lens offers a 2x optical zoom. The 60mm lens uses the same glass as earlier versions, but swaps out a metal body for a more durable design. The lens works with a number of different camera systems and can be used on either lens for the dual camera iPhones, offering a 4x zoom when placed over the iPhone’s zoom lens.

Both the new macro lens and the new fisheye use a new mount design for a more secure attachment to the Moment cases. The macro lens allows mobile photographers to shoot as close as one inch from the subject for up-close detail, while the fisheye offers a 170-degree field of view.

“Moment for iPhone X will be the most advanced gear we’ve ever made for mobile photography,” said Marc Barros, Moment CEO. “When we started this journey four years ago, we believed the phone would become the camera of the future, and bringing Moment to the new Apple iPhone X is like a dream come true.”

The lenses are available now with list prices between $90 and $100, while the iPhone X case begins shipping on Decembr 5 for $30. The battery case for the iPhone X is still in the prototype stage, with shipping expected next spring.

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