You need not be a game hunter to go on Monster’s Safari

monster digital safari cards sdhc card

Memory cards are becoming dime a dozen, but Monster Digital is giving their new Safari Series of SDHC and microSD cards a unique trait: ruggedness. They are impact, humidity, and temperature resistant, and they are protected from damage and risk of erasing thanks to high magnetic and X-ray resistance. What might be more shocking are the low prices, from a company that’s known for selling expensive AV cables. 

The Safari Series is a step down from Monster’s Vault and Bunker lineup of cards in terms of durability; the Vault and Bunker are designed to meet military standards, but they command a higher price. The Safari Series is a balance of strength and affordability, designed for the regular consumer. Plus, all cards are rated for Class 10 performance, regardless of price. Monster calls the Safari their “memory cards for everyone.”

Four capacities are available. The 32GB card ($39.99 for SDHC and $44.95 for uSD) records more than 12,320 photos or 320 minutes of high-definition video. The 16GB card ($24.99) holds more than 6,100 photos or 160 minutes of HD video. Rounding out the list are a 8GB card ($14.99) and a 4GB card ($9.99). If you are wondering which card works for you, check out our handy guide. We recommend that you get the most affordable card with the best speed and highest capacity you can afford, but it seems like Monster has all the bases covered.