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Modular, lightweight Motocrane is the first universal car-mounted camera rig

motocrane car mounted universal camera rig motocrane1
Image used with permission by copyright holder
Unless you’re filming a big-budget feature, odds are you aren’t in need of a vehicle-mounted camera crane. On the off chance you’re in search of one though, you can now rejoice in the fact that a universal car mounted camera crane system is just around the corner.

It’s called Motocrane. And unlike other options currently available, this setup is a one-size-fits-all solution for turning any car into a full-out camera rig.

Designed by filmmakers, for filmmakers, the modular rig is lightweight, sets up in less than 30 minutes, packs into included cases and bags, and is capable of holding upwards of 25 pounds of camera equipment. Motocrane claims the setup can sustain speeds upwards of 80 miles per hour and up to 1g lateral and longitudinal acceleration.

Included with the setup is a wireless zero-latency moniter and controller for wirelessly maneuvering the arm while safely inside the vehicle.

Image used with permission by copyright holder

The electronics of the rig are powered through a standard cigarette lighter port and controlled using the dedicated Command Central iOS application and controller that connects to your mobile device. To ensure safe operation once installed, Motocrane relies on software-based limitations that automatically limit the range of motion while operating the camera.

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Not all cars or cameras are compatible with the system, but compared to more expensive and limited options, it’s incredibly versatile. There’s no word yet on an official release date or even a vague price point. You can keep up with the latest updates via Motocrane’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram page.

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