Shoot 360-degree wide-angle time-lapse videos with GoPro mount for Galileo dock

The Motrr Galileo is an automatic motorized dock that lets you shoot 360-degree panoramas with your iPhone, as well as other functions like home monitoring and remote video recording (click here to read our review). The company has announced that the Bluetooth version of the dock now supports GoPro Hero cameras via a new special mount. Now you can use the popular action camera to capture unique 360-degree pan-and-tile time-lapse videos with great image quality and wide field of view, especially with the advancements in the new Hero4 models.

Unlike the automated iPhone-alone setup, the Galileo GoPro mount requires some manual operation; it will also require a connection to an iPhone in order to control the Galileo’s rotation and pan-tilt functions. Once you’re set to record a video, you will need to put the Hero camera into time-lapse mode and press the shutter button – either through the buttons on the camera or a remote control like GoPro’s WiFi Remote or a secondary smartphone or tablet. When the camera begins recording, you can then automatically or manually set Galileo to start moving.

While the setup may not be as elegant, having a GoPro mounting option means you can create some beautiful shots in a new perspective (see the embedded videos), especially if you’re using the new 4K-capable Hero4 Black model. The Galileo Bluetooth model itself costs $$150, while the GoPro mount, which works with Hero3 and Hero4 models, costs $30.