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Tiny, handmade 28mm f/2 lens by MS Optics is one of the smallest you'll ever see

ms optics 28mm f2 lens leica m mount 2
Hidden in the tightly packed streets of Honcho, Japan, Miyazaki Sadayasu (aka Mr. Miyazaki) runs MS Optics, a one-man company that produces limited-run lenses for Leica cameras.

Over the years, Mr. Miyazaki has unveiled incredible lenses for all kinds of Leica M-mount cameras, each of them smaller and more unique than the last.

The latest lens to come out of Mr. Miyazaki’s lab is the Apoqualia-G 28mm f/2, a lens not much bigger than two camera body caps stacked on top of one another. As is the case with MS Optics lenses, each of the lenses comes with a very detailed description of the details of the lens and its performance, handwritten by the man himself, Mr. Miyazaki.


Straying from proven lens designs that ultimately yield larger lens designs, Mr. Miyazaki researched and tweaked what’s known as a compact gauss formula lens to create a 28mm lens far smaller than almost anything else you’ll find, especially with the incredibly fast f/2 maximum aperture.

The Apoqualia-G 28mm f/2 measures in at 50mm in diameter, 9.8mm in depth, and weighs a measly 70 grams. Inside, the lens is composed of six elements in four groups.


The lens comes in both black and silver and costs approximately $970. As is the case will all MS Optics, the lenses will be available for pre-order and will ship on a first-come-first-serve basis as they are manufactured.

You can pre-order your own Apoqualia-G 28mm f/2 on Japan Camera Hunter’s online store.

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