Narrative adds video recording to tiny Clip 2 lifelogging camera

The second-generation of the wearable lifelogging camera from Narrative, the Clip 2, will start shipping this month. Unveiled earlier this year, the Clip 2 adds additional enhancements and features, including Wi-Fi. But the big news today is that the camera will also support video recording with audio, making it more of a capable camera than the original Kickstarter sensation.

In the original Clip, one of our complaints was the so-so image quality. Besides 8-megapixel stills, the new version now records Full HD 1080p video clips. You can trigger it by tapping on the device to shoot a 10-second clips, or use the Narrative app on your smartphone for framing and shooting longer or shorter videos. The Clip 2 now has an 86-degree, f/2.2 wide-angle lens and an 8-megapixel sensor (up from 5MP). The camera has improved light sensitivity to better capture low-light settings, so the Clip 2 should function as a better camera than its predecessor, which was more of a novelty. That you mean you can use the Clip 2 as a lifelogging device for recording and sharing moments – like before – or a tiny action camcorder when you want to get creative.

From the video shown here, the quality isn’t bad, considering how small the Clip 2 is. It’s on par with smartphones, action camcorders, and pocket cameras – fine for sharing purposes. In terms of photo quality, from the samples Narrative provided us, they look very good and much improved over the original. Again, very much along the lines of a smartphone.

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Wireless connectivity is now a feature in the Clip 2. Besides Wi-Fi for pairing with a smartphone, the Clip 2 has Bluetooth (possibly for quick pairing) as well as GPS for recording location data, so you can track where and when photos and videos were recorded.

Narrative says the battery lasts up to 30 hours during continuous time-lapse capture, and multiple days in standby. Actual use may be less if you are recording lots of video and using Wi-Fi. It has 8GB of memory, which hasn’t changed from the original. Charging is through USB.

The Clip 2 has a similar design as the original, but it’s slightly bigger to accommodate the new parts. It will survive in inclement weather: The wearable is water resistant and durable, and doesn’t require a protective case. It is housed in a lightweight body, and has multiple mounting options so that it can be easily worn with any outfit without being too obtrusive, or attached to a mini tripod.

You can purchase the camera at Narrative’s website. It comes in black, white, and red, and sells for $199. The original is still for sale, for $149. If you had preordered the product earlier, your unit will support video and audio.