NEC ships 8″ LCD

This module incorporates NEC’s Ultra-Advanced SFT (based on IPS) technology and achieves a wide viewing angle range of 170 degrees. With XGA resolution of 1024 X 768 pixels, brightness of 350 cd/m2, high contrast of (500:1), response time is 25 ms and wide color gamut is (72% of NTSC).

Technology Advancements

1) From SFT to Advanced SFT (A-SFT) technology:
  Two-fold module response time enabling minimal color-shift when changing viewing directions is achieved.

2) From A-SFT to Super Advanced SFT (SA-SFT) technology:
  Panel transmissivity is substantially improved.

3) From SA-SFT to Ultra-Advanced SFT (UA-SFT):
  Expansion of the color gamut while maintaining high brightness is achieved. 

The display’s advanced feature set make it suitable for a variety of applications. Many of which have been slow to make the transition to LCD. Through fast response time, reduced color shift and a wide viewing angle, entertainment and broadcast equipment needs are met. High-resolution, reduced color shift and high contrast ratio are suitable for instrumentation applications and portable medical/patient monitors. The XGA resolution also enables graphic intensive MS Windows applications making the display suitable for portable monitors and tablet PCs.

NEC LCD Technologies’ SFT technology, based upon In-plane Switching (IPS) ultra-wide viewing angle technology, is one of NEC’s core LCD technologies. Since introducing the SFT technology, NEC has made continual strides to improve its feature set. Each generation of the technology has resulted in further evolution of NEC’s feature set.

NEC LCD Technologies, Ltd. is committed to developing TFT LCD solutions designed to meet the requirements of medical, industrial and high-value added display applications.

Main specifications of the NL10276BC16-01

Display mode: Amorphous silicon TFT active matrix
Screen size: 170.496mm x 127.872mm
diagonal screen size of 8.4-inches (21cm)
Resolution: Horizontal 1,024 x Vertical 768 pixels
(786,432 pixels)
Filter: RGB vertical stripe
Pixel pitch: Horizontal 0.1665mm x Vertical 0.1665mm
No. of colors: 16,777,216 colors / 262,144 colors
Luminance: 350cd/m2 TYP.
Color gamut: 72% TYP.(against NTSC color space)
Contrast ratio: 500:1 TYP.
Viewing angle range: Horizontal: Right and Left side 85(I0(BTYP.
Vertical : Up side and Down side 85(I0(BTYP.
(contrast ratio at over 10:1)
Response time 25msec
Interface: LVDS 1port
8-bit /6-bit digital RGB
Operating temperature: 0 to +55 Degrees Celsius
Storage temperature: -20 to +60 Degrees Celsius
Frame: 200.0mm TYP. x 152.0mm TYP. x 16.5mm TYP.
Power consumption: 10W TYP. (without inverter loss)
* Inverter sold separately.