Glif, the handy iPhone tripod mount, now adjustable to fit all other smartphones

new adjustable glip tripod stand for smartphones glif 1

One of our favorite iPhone photo accessories is a super-simple device called the Glif from Studio Neat. There’s nothing overly complicated about its design, but offers two incredibly features. One, it puts a tripod mount onto your phone, allowing you to attach your iPhone onto any tripod, and two, it acts as a stand to prop your phone. It’s so handy you can even attach it to a keychain when not in use. Since the first product, many smartphones of different sizes and shapes have popped up – not to mention the various cases that alter the iPhone’s dimensions – so the Glif has evolved to become an adjustable version to fit your phone.

new-glif-3The new adjustable Glif, like the original, is made in the U.S. from recyclable rubberized plastic. It uses an included hex key to change the size of the Glif to fit a particular phone, between 58.4-86.4mm wide and 3.1-12.7mm thick – the company says that’s practically any smartphone, with or without casing. Once you have it set, there’s no need to adjust the sizing unless you’re using it with different devices.

The new Glif costs $30 (the original for a “naked” iPhone 5/5S or 4/4S are still available). It’s an inexpensive tool, and while it serves only two purposes, you’ll be surprised how useful it actually is.