New Chip Brings Qualcomm To New Markets

QUALCOMM Incorporated today announced the Convergence Platform – three chipset solutions that address all major 3G airinterfaces – to incorporate popular digital electronics functionalities into wireless devices. The Mobile Station Modem (MSM) MSM7200, MSM7500 and MSM7600 solutions will enable portable business,high-fidelity entertainment, interactive 3D gaming and other “always with you” features, all easily integrated into communications devices to leverage the convenience of wireless.

“With the Convergence Platform, QUALCOMM is innovating new device categories and creating new revenue opportunities not only for the wireless industry, but also for industries traditionally outsidethe wireless marketplace,” said Dr. Sanjay K. Jha, president of QUALCOMM CDMA Technologies. “Leveraging our strong, proven experience in integrating modems with multimedia features, we are providingour customers with the most compelling roadmap to the next generation of wireless devices.”

Converged wireless devices powered by QUALCOMM’s new chipset platform will extend usage time to allow consumers to play the latest 3D online games, stay in touch with friends through instantaneouspicture and video mail, capture live video of vacation memories, keep on track with interactive GPS and listen to MP3 tunes, as well as maintain contact with the office. Enterprise users can increaseproductivity with high-resolution functionality for wireless PC synchronization, file attachment viewing and editing, advanced security and more, acting as a wireless office.

The Convergence Platform inspires new and creative “always with you” devices – morphing wireless communications into popular consumer electronics products: