Google applies new 3D imagery to NYC, San Francisco maps

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The 3D renderings of New York City (shown here) and San Francisco in Google Earth and Google Maps just got more realistic looking, thanks to new cameras and algorithms. Google is updating other cities with enhanced 3D imagery in 2015.
New York City just got more realistic. In the latest update to Google Earth and Earth View mode in Google Maps, Google completely rebuilt the 3D images of NYC with higher fidelity and more realism by using new cameras and algorithms, the company says. Now, looking at the Empire State Building in Google Earth is closer to viewing it in a photo or even in person. The new high-res 3D technology has also been applied to San Francisco, and Google says more cities will be updated in 2015.

You can already view NYC and San Francisco, but with the new 3D reconstructions, buildings like the new One World Trade Center not only look incredibly detailed, but colors are more accurate, instead of the patchy and blown-out images from before. To view the new 3D images, simply head to Google Maps on your browser or view them within the Google Earth app.

Google Maps and Google Earth have always been fun tools for the armchair traveler. The latest updates should make virtual travel even more enjoyable.

Statue of Liberty with new Google 3D imagery (left) and old (right).
San Francisco City Hall with new Google 3D imagery (left) and old (right).
San Francisco City Hall with new Google 3D imagery (left) and old (right).

(Images via Google)

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