Tech meets fashion: NewViewWear is clothing that comes with custom wearable camera

newviewwear smart apparel captures hd video 1
NewViewWear combines a lightweight HD camera with different styles of apparel.

In terms of wearable cameras, consumers have many options to choose from. Ultimately, the choice will depend on the features of the individual cameras, as well as how the consumer wants to wear them. Wearable cameras can be strapped onto the body, worn as a necklace, or fitted to a head strap. They can also be attached to your clothing, which is the approach the NewViewWear team is using with its line of “smart apparel.” Its concept, however, is to design a line of clothing with a special pocket that accommodates a small, custom-made camera.

NewViewWear combines different clothing styles with a lightweight, 10mm-thin camera that captures HD videos in 1080p or 720p HD, or 5-megapixel photos. With a few simple taps, you’ll be able to snap photos or retroactively save and store footage wirelessly thanks to proprietary software created by the New York-based company.

“We designed everything in-house: the software, hardware, and the apparel,” said NewViewWear founder Matt Sandy. “The idea is to push [wearable technology] forward so that we properly utilize the real estate that’s already there – since you’re already wearing it, NewViewWear allows you to fully take in the world around you.”

The camera is compact enough to take anywhere—it's not bound to the clothing.
The camera is compact enough to take anywhere – it’s not bound to the clothing.

NewViewWear is versatile, so you can remove the camera from the apparel at any time and attach it anywhere else using different mounts. The camera can be used on its own in either photo or video mode; with two taps you snap a photo, and with three taps you can retro save video. The 100-degree angle of view camera has a built in microphone, weighs less than an ounce, and integrates many features into its tiny package, including: 

  • Time Lapse Photography mode: Allows you to capture several images using a delay of 1 to 120 seconds. 
  • Automated “Time Lapse” Video mode: Set a video capture length and time-lapse interval of your choosing, and record footage automatically.
  • Loop recording mode: Choose the length of recording loops.
  • Wireless connectivity: Operate the camera remotely via smartphone app to record and view photos and videos, change camera modes, store footage, and share it with others. 

One of the camera’s key features is its aforementioned customizable retroactive saving. With the smartphone app, you’ll be able to tailor the save settings according to your preference. “Think of it as a looped recording mode that’s not always saving,” Sandy said. “The camera can be set to record in different intervals up to five minutes – say if you only want to save the last 10-30 seconds of footage – and when you tap it, it’ll save your videos with those settings.”

NewViewWear apparel comes in three initial styles: a polo shirt, a fleece jacket, and a zippered hoodie. The lightweight camera seamlessly inserts into the clothing, and a small opening allows the lens to see through the fabric. The apparel comes in a variety of colors and sizes, for both men and women. 

The style choices of NewViewWear include polos, fleeces, and hoodies.

Depending on how the apparel is received by the public, NewViewWear is considering adding more style choices such as activewear and sportswear. According to Sandy, it was important to start with three different clothing choices that can be expanded upon. Of course, you don’t need these clothes in order to use the camera, as it can be attached in other ways. But, then, it just becomes like any other POV cam. Its appeal is that it’s relatively small when you compare it to something like, say, a GoPro camcorder.

NewViewWear has recently launched an IndieGoGo campaign with a goal of $100,000 and a deadline of June 25. NewViewWear said the decision to go the crowdfunding route was based on the potential collaboration with others in the photo community and being able to get honest, direct input from the people this technology is geared toward. 

“[IndieGoGo] is a great platform to achieve those goals,” Sandy said. “Where I really see [NewViewWear] finding a niche is the unexpected and the unanticipated – how do you want to capture that unexpected moment? That’s why I think there’s going to be a great appeal for this product.”