Nikon D70 Digital SLR Review

Quote from the review:

“I have worked my way through the ranks of digital cameras over the last four years. I started with a tiny Fuji MX1300 1.2MP with NO features whatsoever, I soon tired of that and upgraded to an Olympus C40z which was great; it did so much more and I even shot my son’s wedding photos with it – everyone was happy.

Then I got the MuchBiggerMegaPixel bug and upgraded to a Fuji s602Pro, this nearly satisfied my cravings as a photographer but there were things (actually, as an astronomer) that I still couldn’t do, like long exposures. So, a penny saving exercise and several eBay sales of junk later and I now own, not only the Nikon D70 with the superb 18-70mm DX lens, but also the 70-300mm G lens! “

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