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Nikon rumored to be working on a large-sensor mirrorless camera

nikon large sensor full frame mirrorless rumor f mount
Every couple of months, rumors start making their way through the grapevines that a new camera company is working on a larger-format sensor. For a while it was Fujifilm, then Samsung rumors came along. Now, we don’t usually report on rumors unless they have been substantiated by multiple sources, but there’s some evidence proving this might be more than smoke.

Fueling much of the rumor is the news that Nikon was recently granted registration of a new camera by Indonesia’s communications agency. Listed under the codename “N1514,” the model first made its debut back in March 2016 when Nikon originally filed for registration.

Nikon Registration

The reason this particular registration stands out is two-fold. First, the number doesn’t have any connection with a model that’s already on the market. Thus, it’s not likely to be an update to a camera Nikon already has out there. Second, the timing of the registration coincides perfectly with rumors that Nikon could be releasing a large-sensor mirrorless camera.

Despite the hearsay and registration information, nothing is known for certain about this mythical camera. Some information is pointing toward a release later this year, during September’s Photokina, but as Nikon Rumors points out, a lack of detailed information makes this seem a bit unlikely. That said, it’s not impossible that Nikon is keeping extremely close tabs on the development of this camera to ensure there aren’t any leaks. Even if this turns out to be some type of new camera, it may be something different (or better).

So, could this be Nikon’s first full-frame mirrorless camera? It would certainly help carve some market share away from Sony, but so far there haven’t been any signs that Nikon is interested in making a full-frame, F-mount mirrorless camera.

If the rumors are to come to fruition, Nikon could have one of the most powerful mirrorless systems on the market. By utilizing its full-frame FX sensor with an accompanying F-mount, Nikon users around the world would be able to use the hundreds of lenses already on the market, rather than having to invest in a whole new system – a huge barrier to entry for photographers looking to make the jump to mirrorless.

Ultimately, time will tell. We’ll be sure to keep you up to date on the latest developments, but absorb this news with skepticism.

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