Nikon Offers New Photo Management Software

Nikon Inc. ( has recently announced PictureProject, the company’s next generation of photo software designed to be a management and activity center for all of your digital images.  This completely new software package is aimed at creating a simple, intuitive and seamless photographic experience for digital photographers of all skill levels.  PictureProject takes everything and puts it onto one screen helping people using the software to feel comfortable with its features within minutes.

The search is over — your pictures are right where you want them. PictureProject automatically and transparently locates images on the computer and creates a virtual map, or directory, to provide instant access to all stored images without having to search through hard disk directories.  Users can find images using their own keywords or attributes based on personal preference making the search process painless.  PictureProject delivers powerful tools that will make the process of transferring, organizing, editing, and sharing digital images easy, productive, and fun.

“People have grown to love the instant gratification, ability to share and the overall freedom that digital photography provides,” said Jerry Grossman, Vice President of Marketing, Nikon Inc.  “Nikon has developed PictureProject to enhance each of these favorite aspects of digital photography and make them
easier and more intuitive for digital photographers.  Whether you shoot a Nikon Coolpix 3200 or a D70, PictureProject will make your photography more efficient, more satisfying and, most importantly, more fun.”

Software is an extremely important part of the digital photography experience, as well as Nikon’s Total Imaging System.  Beginning in April 2004, PictureProject will be shipped with all Nikon digital cameras — including both Coolpix(R) compact digital cameras as well as Nikon digital SLR cameras  — as a key component to the digital photography process and a tremendous added value to consumers.

    Key Features: PictureProject

     * Image files are automatically imported when a camera is connected to the user’s computer, and thumbnail images make it easy to confirm the memory card’s contents
     * A single main window divided into three sections serves as the center of all operations
     * Only the window’s center section changes when switching modes for an integrated and intuitive interface that minimizes the steps needed to accomplish any task
     * Regularly used buttons remain permanently placed along the top of the main window to ensure quick access to commonly used functions such as Mail, Slideshow, Auto Enhance, etc.
     * Drag-and-drop images to organize them into “collections” that can be easily accessed.
     * Slideshows can include custom background music
     * View all stored images, only those from the last batch imported, or from individual collections
     * Locate any file quickly by name, keyword, captured or modified date, etc.
     * Easy-to-understand editing tools
     * Any and all changes made to images can be reset or modified as many times as desired without affecting the original image file
     * Design templates make it easy to attach images to email, or make prints
     * Pop-up messaging service delivers software update notifications, and provides access for technical tips and other information
     * Excellent organizational companion to Nikon Capture software

    Initially, PictureProject will ship with the Nikon D70.  It will be available in the late spring with the full line of Nikon Digital Coolpix and SLR cameras and available for download this summer.

While PictureProject is already a dynamic new contribution to the simplicity and efficiency of the digital photography experience, Nikon’s new software will also allow users to enrich its functionality with plug-ins from third-party applications.  Users can add darkroom, filter and other effects that all operate within the familiar PictureProject interface, keeping them ahead of the technology curve.

Upon its official release, PictureProject (and future updates) will be available to both new and current owners of Nikon digital cameras, who will be able to download the software at no charge at  Please check the site for availability.