Nikon taking a second shot with photography app Nikon Image Space

nikon image space

Nikon’s my Picturetown, its existing photo sharing service that was meant to take on Flickr hasn’t quite gained the traction that the photography company was expecting. But given the state of the photo-sharing market, Nikon realizes it’s worth giving things a second shot. The company announced today that it would be launching Nikon Image Space, its next go at a social photo service set to be released on January 28.

In the vein of Flickr and photo-sharing mobile apps like 500px, Nikon’s Image Space doesn’t require a subscription to use its basic services. So at no cost to you, Image Space will offer up to 2 GB of storage and without any Nikon-exclusive restrictions. So Canon users, welcome aboard! Nikon hardware owners can sign up for an exclusive account, with nothing more than proof of ownership of a Nikon product. You’ll benefit from a bumped up storage capacity to 20 GB, and access to exclusive features including adding passwords to images and restrictions to image downloads.

My Picturetown hasn’t been the most popular app, as you can tell based on its need to relaunch its platform, but for those using my Picturetown will be glad to know that existing photographs on the platform will be ported for free to the new Image Space. And a completely redesigned interface, accompanied by a streamlined user experience to make uploading and sharing photos a breeze, should be a treat. Also this time around, you’ll find that Facebook and Twitter will be more tightly integrated.

Serious and amateur photographers have for some time now voiced their discontent with the state of Flickr since its heyday. Now with mobile apps filling in the gaps – and third party apps like 500px experiencing impressive growth – Nikon’s relaunch couldn’t have come at a better time. And the photograph company does have a shot at luring the serious photographers seeking out avenues to best showcase their work.