Nikon rolls out another fancy hot-shoe cover for its DSLRs

Nikon apparently considers its DSLR users a discerning bunch when it comes to the finer details of their kit, evidenced by the imminent release of another fancy hot-shoe cover – its second this year.

While the ASC-01 offered a flashy stainless steel solution ideal for fans of some bling, this latest one, the somewhat unimaginatively named ASC-02, offers a slightly more conservative design featuring black leather with a gold embossed border, and the brand’s name in gold embossed type.

The cover is initially a Japan-only accessory costing 3,500 yen ($28), though when it goes on sale at the end of the month, interested Nikon users should be able to grab it more easily from eBay and similar sites.

Nikon no longer includes a cheap plastic hot-shoe cover with its DSLR cameras, leaving customers to opt for either the company’s budget-priced plastic offering or an equally cheap third-party alternative. Or, as Nikon hopes, one of its new, pricier covers.

Of course, you could go without a cover altogether, though they’re highly recommended as a way of keeping grime off the hot shoe’s delicate contacts. It also helps to protect the shoe’s metal bracket from shape-shifting knocks that could leave you struggling to attach your external flash, if you use one.

Nikon Rumors, which first spotted the ASC-02, rightly describes the new accessory as a perfect match for the retro-inspired Nikon Df Gold edition, the camera maker’s well-received – though somewhat pricey – full-frame DSLR shooter. But of course it’ll fit on any Nikon camera, so if you’re looking for a stylish cover to protect your hot shoe, and don’t mind paying for it, the company has you covered.