Nikon’s New Quintet of Coolpix Cameras

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Nikon today announced five new additions to its Coolpix line of slim consumer-oriented digital cameras, rolling in appealing features like image stabilization, face-finding autofocus, and (in one case) even Wi-Fi-based picture email and sharing.

The new Coolpix S7c sports a 7 megapixel resolution, 3× optical zoom, a large 3-inch LCD viewfinder, sensitivity up to ISO 1600, and vibration reduction technologies to reduce blurring from camera motion and jolts. The Coolpix S7c sports 802.11b/g Wi-Fi capability—which isn’t entirely unheard of in digital cameras—combined with the capability to send pictures from the camera via email without transferring images to a computer or other device first. And, to make it even simpler, the S7c comes with one free year of T-Mobile HotSpot Service for Digital Cameras, so you can easily share pictures while traveling; users can send up to 50MB of images to Nikon’s servers, which will hang on to them for up to two weeks. The S7x also sports a One-Touch Portrait button which combines face-priority autofocus (which tries to pick out faces in an image), In-Camera Red-Eye Fix, and D-Lighting, which automatically enhances images snapped in poor lighting conditions. The Coolpix S7c should hit stores in September at a suggested price of $349.95.

The new Coolpix S10 is a spiffed-up version of the Coolpix S4 superzoom and offers a 10× optical zoom, 6 megpixel resolution, and 2.5-inch LCD screen—the S10 is also the first Nikon camera to offer sensor-based vibration reduction technology. Combine these features with a swiveling body design which enables users to take pictures from a variety of angles (including overhead pictures, around-the-corner shots, and self-portraits) and you’ve got a unique set of features—especially combined with 16 MB of internal memory and a 30 fps VGA movie mode. The Coolpix S10 should be available in September at a suggested price of $399.95.

The three compact shooters—the Coolpix L5, L6, and S9—each sport 2.5-inch LCD screens and SD-based image storage. The Coolpix L6 and S9 offer 6 megapixel resolution, 3× optical zoom (non-telescoping in the case of the S9). (The S9 runs on a lithium-ion battery and also features a stop-motion movie mode for assembling animated-style videos. Think The Corpse Bride, but on your tabletop.) The Coolpix L5 offers a 5 × optical zoom, 7.2 megpixel resolution, runs on AA batteries, and includes vibration reduction technology. The Coolpix L6 will set you back $199.95; the S9 will carry a suggested price of $249.95, while the L5 will be priced at $299.95; all should be available in September.