No Sony OLED Displays In 2004

The company set up a joint venture, ST Liquid Crystal Display (ST-LCD), with Toyota Industries, at the beginning of last year and planned to see volume production of OLED panels this year. Sony said it plans to produce 300,000 2-inch OLED panels per month for its portable devices such as DSCs (digital still cameras) and PDAs.

Sony introduced a 13-inch OLED panel prototype at the Society for Information Display (SID) International Symposium 2002 and a 24-inch OLED display (four 12-inch panels pieced together) last January.

We have seen a few products on the market already utilizing OLED technology including some cell phones from Samsung, and MSI’s Mega Player 515 MP3 player which can be found for under $150 dollars U.S.

Source: DigiTimes