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Nova flash accessory brings untethered lighting to iPhone

If you use your smartphone a lot for photography, you’ve probably run into situations where you needed to use the phone’s built-in LED flash to brighten up the scene. Unfortunately, this often deteriorates the quality of an image due to the harsh light the flash emits. What serious mobile photographers need, then, is a more powerful and more flexible lighting solution that works with their smartphone.

The answer to this conundrum may just be the new Nova wireless smartphone flash, which was recently crowdfunded via Kickstarter. Available only for iPhone, the Nova flash is completely untethered and gives the user the possibility to get more creative with lighting while taking pictures with their smartphone. For example, the flash can be bounced off a wall or the ceiling, can be held closer to a subject or further away from it to increase or decrease its intensity, and can basically illuminate an object from any direction.

In addition, the Nova flash can be controlled via a dedicated app that is available from iTunes. With the app, the flash’s intensity and color temperature can be customized, opening up further creative control. The Nova flash for iPhone is available from for $60, and will start shipping in mid-June.

(Via Übergizmo)

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