Out of photo ideas? OkDoThis app has tons of suggestions for you

okdothis app suggests photo ideas
OkDoThis allows you to share images and ideas for images with others.

For photography, the world is full of inspiration, yet we often see many of the same types of images over and over. For shooters who could use some help mixing it up, there’s an app for that, and it’s called OkDoThis

Not your run-of-the-mill photo app, OkDoThis has a huge collection of photo suggestions shaped by a community of photographers around the world. After a quick (and free) download from the iTunes App Store (iOS only), you can jump right into the action. OkDoThis will start you off with a bunch of fun, creative, or even kooky ideas for images – anything from “look up and get a shot of a ceiling,” to “fill the frame with a circle,” or “take a picture of your shoes.” After you start adding different photos, the OkDoThis community can then add photos to the same category.


Suggestions from OkDoThis are referred to as “do’s”; users can choose from a list of pre-existing do’s, post one of their own, or browse through the app’s different photo categories: art and design, fashion, music, animals, writing, and many others. More do’s are recommended to you as you follow more users.

You can sign up using your Facebook or Twitter accounts, and OkDoThis will automatically add any friends of yours already using the app – though part of the fun is seeking out new people. OkDoThis is meant to share trending photos based on feedback from other users, so you can gain followers as you experiment with diverse and interesting ideas.

OkDoThis has a steady stream of trending images to help inspire you.
OkDoThis has a steady stream of trending images to help inspire you.

OkDoThis was founded by Jeremy Cowart, who is an avid photographer, and created by a team of developers from AloompaAccording to the OkDoThis team, photography has always gone social after the creative process, but never during. This app gives users the ability to reevaluate their images using suggestions from a slew of photographers, so several more ideas are added to your photo experience. Ultimately, the final decisions are yours to make, and the app provides you with standard editing tools like crop and filters. 

“The idea for OkDoThis came from the fact that there’s no social network or app that actually pushes you to go and do something,” Cowart said. “With OkDoThis, you have an endless pool of creativity and ideas to take action on.”

If you’re looking to get your creative juices flowing and want to join an energetic photography community, OkDoThis might be what you’re looking for. In the short video below, you can learn more about the app from its creators. 

(Via TechCrunch)

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