Now your iPhone 6 can take even better photos with Olloclip’s 4-in-1 lens

Another iPhone, another lineup of new accessories. Olloclip revamped its 4-in-1 lens attachment to fit the new iPhone 6 and  iPhone 6 Plus. The same, high-quality macro, fisheye, and wide-angle lenses are built into a brand-new design that’s made to fit the iPhone 6 and its bigger twin.

The lens attachment now adds lenses on both of the iPhone’s cameras at the same time, so you can take wide-angle selfies with the front camera and and sharp closeups with the macro lens on the back. There’s a 10x macro, a 15x macro, as well as the same wide-angle and fisheye lenses as before. Olloclip says the new design should make it even easier to take pictures with whichever camera you choose. Photos taken with the lenses are compatible with most photo sharing and editing apps.

Since the attachment itself is larger than previous versions of Olloclip, the company created a pendant-like case to hold the lenses. You can either wear it as a necklace or clip it onto a backpack, belt loop, or other strap. Olloclip didn’t say which color options will be offered for the pendant. However, the lens attachment comes in a few different color combinations including silver and black, gold and white, red and black, gray and black, or silver and white.

The Olloclip 4-in-1 lens for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus costs $80 and is available for preorder on the company’s website. It will arrive in stores late November 2014 at Best Buy, Apple, and other retail stores.