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Is this the next camera in Olympus’ OM-D Micro Four-Thirds series, called the E-M1?

olympus rumored to unveil new omd micro four thirds camera called the em1 2

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Olympus recently updated its Micro-Four Thirds PEN series with the beautiful E-P5, but it’s been quiet lately on the flagship OM-D front. Leaked photos and specs published on 4/3 Rumors, however, show what could be the next OM-D M4T camera, called the E-M1.

Here’s what we “know” as of now, if the rumors are correct. The E-M1 will not replace the current E-M5 (our Editor’s Choice), but will be an expensive new option starting at $1,500 for the body. It will also be available in two lens kits, a 12-40mm or 12-50mm. The anti-aliasing filter has been removed, which would allow it to capture sharper images with improved details and resolution. A new TruePic VII image processor reduces the moire patterns that appear as a result. It is said that Four-Thirds lenses focus just as fast as MFT (hybrid contrast and phase detection autofocus is purported to work simultaneously for both FT and MFT lenses). A new Environmental Sensing System adjusts viewfinder brightness automatically based on the scene. Video is recorded up to Full HD 1080 at 30p/24Mbps. Other specs include a mc input, single SD card slot. According to 4/3 Rumors’ source, compared to the E-M5, the E-M1 has a one-stop improvement (ISO 800 looks like ISO 400 on the E-M5). The 12-40mm lens will also be new, marked with a “PRO” moniker. No word on whether it’ll have Wi-Fi like the E-P5.

No other details have been given, but 4/3 Rumors gives the E-M1 its FT5 rating for “81-99 percent chance the rumor is correct.” However, Olympus has officially been teasing customers that a new “revolutionary camera” is on its way, via its global websites, which suggests that this rumor could be accurate. The site says the camera will be announced on September 10, so stay tuned.


(Images via 4/3 Rumors)

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