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Want to capture 360 video wherever you go? Wear these sunglasses

A new start-up is rethinking hands-free video — with a pair of sunglasses. While the industry is dotted with camera glasses with mixed reception from Google Glass to Blincam, the Orbi Prime takes more design hints from action cameras than previous options as the first pair of glasses capable of recording in 360.

The Orbi Prime, now on Indiegogo, is more GoPro than Google Glass in terms of usability — the camera glasses uses two physical buttons and an app for controlling the camera without the awkwardness of the blink-to-shoot controls. But unlike an action camera, there’s no mounting system — you just slide on a pair of shades.

“After a lifetime of exposure to high tech and innovation, we realized there was still no true seamless wearable tech-device in the market; and definitely not one that would transform your eyes into a window for the world to experience true 360 moments in such a cool and ‘wow’ manner,” said Borja Lopez, Orbi Prime project manager.

Orbi Prime Software Test - Lake Kaindy

The Orbi uses four HD cameras and automatic stitching software to create 360 video with a 4K resolution and a 30 fps frame rate. The company says that the glasses also use multi-layer video stabilization. Built-in Wi-Fi connects the glasses to an Orbi app for editing, browsing, and sharing. Video is stored on a Micro SD card.

The glasses are charged using a Micro USB cord and are expected to record up to 90 minutes of 360 video per charge. A detachable strap can help keep the shades more secure in active shooting. Weighing just over a quarter of a pound, the camera-glasses also use a splashproof — but not submersible — design.

After just two days, Orbi Prime’s Indiegogo campaign has already reached half of their $75,000 goal with a month to go. The 360 camera glasses are available for pledges starting at $329. If the crowdfunding is successful, the glasses are expected to ship in August of 2017.

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