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This Kickstarter puts literal spin on product photography with smart turntable

orbot kickstarter
For product photographers, 360-degree photography has an entirely different meaning, and now, one Kickstarter project is aiming to simplify the process of showing off a product’s every angle through the use of a computerized turntable. Orbot is a smart, adjustable turntable that helps create 360 videos, interactive photos, and even 3D scans.

The Orbot’s platform can be custom set to rotate at different speeds, directions, and angles. By automating the process, photographers can get an accurate set of stills to stitch together for an interactive 360 view of the subject. With its quiet operation, the turntable can also be used for product videos.

Manufacturer InnoTechnix says the Orbot meets its three main goals — robustness, precision, and quiet operation. The computerized turntable can hold up to 400 pounds, which means the Orbot can also be used to make 3D scans of people. The developers say that the turntable’s sturdy design also means that the weight doesn’t have to be distributed evenly on the 14-inch platform, making it possible to place objects off-center without tipping it over. The Orbot is constructed with aluminum supports and a 1/4-inch thick aluminum top with thread holes for attaching accessories.

With the included Windows software, the user can control how quickly the table moves, from a 360 rotation in 60 seconds to one taking a full hour. Along with full rotations in both directions, the table can be programmed to stop at 45, 90, 180, 270 or 360 degrees, as well as to perform a continuous rotation setting using a step motor. The Orbot connects via a USB cable.

The project is robotics company InnoTechnix’s fifth Kickstarter campaign. The Montreal-based company says the Orbot will be manufactured in Canada if the campaign reaches its goal, which is about $11,340 in U.S. currency, by January 15.

The turntable’s earliest backers can pick up the smart table for $872, about 30 percent off the expected retail price, while $997 pledges are available after the early bird pledges are gone. If the campaign is successful, backers can expect their Orbots to ship in March. 2017.

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