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Developing film at home is about to get a whole lot easier with the Osiris F1

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Film might be taking a back seat in the industry to digital sensors, but it’s far from dead. If anything, analogue photography is back and better than ever. Case in point, the Osiris F1. Created by China-based Osiris Film Technology, the Osiris F1 is an all-in-one system designed to automate the process of developing analog film.

Osiris F1 Film Processor 3

When it comes to developing film, you have two options: either send it off to a professional lab to be developed, or do it yourself. The former is both costly and takes time, while the later is difficult unless you have a closet full of equipment and a dark room to accomplish it.

This little device brings together the best of both worlds by offering professional-level development while taking up the same amount of space that an all-in-one printer would.

Osiris F1 Film Processor 2

To get the job done, the Osiris F1 uses five proprietary technologies, each of which plays a critical role in quickly and consistently developing film stocks. Specifically, it utilizes temperature control, chemical management, automated pumping of chemicals, recovery of said chemicals, and automatic cleaning between cycles as to not let the chemicals build up over time.

Osiris F1 Film Processor 1

All of these systems are driven by a customized interface that allows photographers to tailor practically every detail of the development process. In addition to the two development presets; C41 (the process used for most color negative film) and E6 (the process used for most color positive film), the Osiris F1 offers two custom options that can be programmed for more specific development parameters.

Below is a video of the Osiris F1 in action (apologies for the EDM soundtrack):

Проявочная машина OSIRIS F1

Although development started late last year, it appears as though the Osiris F1 isn’t yet available in the U.S. market due to unspecified problems. And Osiris has yet to confirm whether or not it will ever make its way across the pond, let alone reveal what the retail price will be if it eventually does.

Osiris’ website currently shows the F1 available for 4,998 yuan (roughly $760) in China, but the device also appears to be out of stock there as well. As noted by PetaPixel, it had a wholesale price of $1,280 on AliExpress when it was available there.

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