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Publishing house aims to bring out print-on-demand fine art books

Technology has allowed book printers to print just one title at a time with print-on-demand services like Amazon’s CreateSpace — but what about photo books? The Out of the Phone Project is aiming to make the printing of fine art photography books easily accessible by crowdfunding the development of an app to design and publish such books.

The Indiegogo project is aiming to develop a web-based application that allows users to easily upload and design photography books. Creator Pierre Le Govic says the project would be the only print-on-demand  program dedicated to mobile photography.

While the crowdfunding is supporting the development of a DIY program, early supporters will receive their own images printed inside a travel notebook. For about $30, backers will receive a travel notebook with 30-50 of their own photographs inside. Le Govic says the travel notebooks are an alternative to big coffee-table style books.

The campaign has already reached 68 percent of its funding goal with two weeks to go. The Paris-based campaign is aiming to raise 12,500 euros, or about $13,250 in U.S. currency, and plans to ship the books worldwide.

The organizer says that even if the campaign is not fully funded, the flexible goal will still allow the project to ship out the travel notebook to supporters. Any funds beyond the cost of the notebooks’ production will be used to develop a web-based system for photographers to use in making their own books in the future.

Indiegogo backers can choose from different perks, from the travel notebooks to portfolio reviews. The travel notebooks are expected to start shipping in January.

Out of The Phone also plans to accept submissions from backers to be published in collection books focused on mobile photography. The publishing house was established in 2013.

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