Lexar’s new 256GB MicroSD card can hold up to 9 hours of 4K video

The new card combines high capacity with high performance and meets the requirements for 'Works with GoPro' verification. The card boasts peak transfer speeds of up to 150MB per second and write speeds of 90MBps.

GoPro’s Quik video editor is now a native app for Huawei P10 smartphones

GoPro's video editing app will now come pre-installed on new Huawei smartphones, starting with the P10 and P10 Plus. Including the already-free app on the smartphone is part of GoPro's efforts to expand internationally.

SD cards will transfer data at more than 600MB per second, thanks to UHS-III

The UHS-III will double transfer rates over today’s fastest UHS-II cards, offering a theoretical peak performance of 624MB per second. UHS-III cards will retain the same physical design and pin layout as the UHS-II.

Xiaomi just released a new selfie stick that doubles as a tripod

Did you think the era of the selfie stick had come and gone? Well think again. Chinese company Xiaomi is here to prove that our narcissism doesn't have an expiration date, and that selfie sticks are still relevant in 2017.
Virtual Reality

I used VR to walk through a $10 million painting, and it was literally surreal

To commemorate a spectacular surrealist art auction, Sotheby's has made its first VR film, where we have the chance to enter the strange worlds of Dali, Magritte, and others. We went along to try it out.

Oppo’s 5X camera tech uses a custom prism to take incredibly clear photos

Oppo's 5X camera technology, which the company revealed at Mobile World Congress 2017, promises to deliver an unprecedented level of clarity and stability. It'll debut in a future phone.
Smart Home

Mini 360 Plus puts a new spin on smart home cameras

At just $80, the Mini 360 Plus brings 360-degree home monitoring to the masses while offering an impressive set of features for the price.

With 1,000 frames per second and a global shutter, Phantom Flex focuses on science

The new Flex4K-GS adds a global shutter to the powerful high-speed cinema camera, making it suitable for use in science, aerospace, and any industry where accurate motion analysis is required.

Make the most of your mirrorless camera with our favorite lenses under $500

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get professional quality pictures with your mirrorless camera. Here are great lenses, all for less than $500.

Cosina brings 3 lenses to Sony mirrorless cameras, including record-setting 40mm f/1.2

At CP+ 2017, Cosina revealed plans to make three Voigtlander lenses for cameras using Sony’s E-mount, including Alpha-series mirrorless models and cinema cameras like the FS5 and FS7.
Product Review

Pentax K-1: Picture perfect for Pentax pals, but other pros might pause

The long-awaited Pentax K-1 – the company’s first first full-frame (35mm) DSLR -- bridges a gap in the Pentax lineup. Sure, it can capture great quality photographs, but times are changing, and modern camera makers have innovated to…
Emerging Tech

Drone sightings are up, but the FAA hasn't confirmed any plane collisions yet

The FAA has not confirmed an aircraft collision with a drone but it has been busy with more potential sightings than before. About 1,200 sightings were investigated between February and September in 2016.