Cosina brings 3 lenses to Sony mirrorless cameras, including record-setting 40mm f/1.2

At CP+ 2017, Cosina revealed plans to make three Voigtlander lenses for cameras using Sony’s E-mount, including Alpha-series mirrorless models and cinema cameras like the FS5 and FS7.
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Pentax K-1: Picture perfect for Pentax pals, but other pros might pause

The long-awaited Pentax K-1 – the company’s first first full-frame (35mm) DSLR -- bridges a gap in the Pentax lineup. Sure, it can capture great quality photographs, but times are changing, and modern camera makers have innovated to…
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Drone sightings are up, but the FAA hasn't confirmed any plane collisions yet

The FAA has not confirmed an aircraft collision with a drone but it has been busy with more potential sightings than before. About 1,200 sightings were investigated between February and September in 2016.

Pentax K-1 shooters will soon have access to brighter high-end primes

Pentax is expanding their full-frame lens lineup with two brighter prime options and a currently unnamed telephoto zoom. The new lenses will expand the current eight lens lineup with a brighter aperture.

Fitness trackers of the future may not be worn — they may just watch you on video

Panasonic recently introduced a program for monitoring your heart rate -- with just software and a video camera. The program analyzes changes minute in the skin from a video camera or even a webcam.

These 10 tips could instantly improve your photography

Photography is an art and as such much of it is subjective, but even so, there are some common things that professionals get right to set them apart from the sea of amateurs. Here are 10 for you to work on.
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DeviantArt will soon be getting a refresh after its acquisition by Wix

Today, the web design platform Wix announced the acquisition of DeviantArt, an online community for artists and designers. As part of the change, DeviantArt's longstanding web design will likely be getting a modern refresh.

Nikon set to display prototype cameras — including never-released models

Before the big camera announcement, there's a prototype to test -- and Nikon will be displaying around 40 of them to celebrate 100 years. The display is expected to include never before seen models in the Nikon Musem in Tokyo.

Sony's Smooth Trans Focus creates beautiful bokeh — but requires a sacrifice

The Smooth Trans Focus is a new feature that creates softer bokeh and background blur -- but it does come at a cost. Here's how the tech inside Sony's latest pro-level lens works and what it sacrifices to get there.
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Do you Finstagram? The new way teens are using Instagram in private

Teens tired of the fake aura of Instagram are creating secondary accounts, known as a "Finstagram," to express themselves among their closest friends. Just don't go expecting an invite into the exclusive club.

Watch 165 years of photojournalism history in this impressive one-minute video

Want to see how photography and journalism has changed over the years? Watch every front page from the New York Times fly by in this one-minute video created by a data artist and app designer.

VideoBlocks is now 100M downloads strong, thanks to unique subscription model

The industry's first subscription-based stock video platform has reached 100 million downloads and a library of over 4 million assets. The company says that same content would have cost over a billion dollars in a pay-per-piece market.