A.I. will cause a tectonic shift in human creativity, but don’t be scared yet

As A.I. took center stage for the second year in a row at Adobe MAX, creatives are about to experi-ence the biggest shift in how they work since the dawn of computers.

Protect your photography gear in style with the best camera bags of 2019

A camera is an investment worth protecting. A good camera bag will keep your photo gear safe as you move it from location to location, but the best camera bags will do it in style. Here are our favorites in both form and function.

Panasonic S1R to offer 187-megapixel high-res mode, world’s sharpest EVF

Panasonic has finally detailed the full specifications of its upcoming S1R, a 47-megapixel full-frame mirrorless camera that offers a 187MP high-resolution mode, 4K/60p video, and a 5.76-million-dot electronic viewfinder.

Lumix S1 is a hybrid powerhouse camera, and Panasonic’s answer to the Sony A7 III

The Lumix S1 is Panasonic's answer to the popular Sony A7 III, but it has a few tricks up its sleeve. Built around a 24MP sensor, it can shoot 96MP images thanks to a multi-shot high-resolution mode. It also offers 10-bit 4K video.

Shark attack: Drone-based research may help ease swimmers’ fears

Researchers in Australia have used drones to try to learn more about what kinds of sea creatures come close the shore, and their findings may go some way to easing the fears of swimmers worried about shark attacks.

Pentax Star Series 11-18mm F2.8 promises sharp shots for astrophotography

Ricoh introduced two new lenses for Pentax K-mount DSLRs, including an ultra-wide 11-18mm f/2.8 in the company's high-end Star Series. Also announced was a new version of the 35mm f/2 for full-frame cameras.

GoPro Plus will now stash all your videos in unlimited cloud storage

GoPro's subscription service just got better. Now, GoPro Plus includes unlimited video and photo storage, plus a 50-percent discount on accessories and discounted replacements for damaged cameras.

The Nikon Z7, Z6 just got a little sweeter with up to $400 off with a trade-in

As new releases, deals on the Nikon Z7 and Z6 are hard to find. That is changing with a new trade-in deal from Nikon with $200 off the Z6 or $400 off the Z7, in addition to the camera's trade-in value.

Google exec sparks controversy with Pixel 3 vs. iPhone XS photo tweet

Which picture do you prefer? That's the debate raging after a Google executive shared two images comparing a picture taken with the iPhone XS with a photo from the Google Pixel 3 taken with Night Sight mode.

Always the underdog, Olympus engineers show they can play with the alphas

The Olympus OM-D E-M1X encompasses several company firsts -- like a 7.5 stop stabilization system and A.I. autofocus for motorsports. But what, exactly, went into making the E-M1X? Learn from the Olympus developers that designed the camera.

Photography News: Samsung’s new smartphone sensor is the smallest one yet

Samsung's latest smartphone sensor is their smallest one yet -- and it still packs in 20 megapixels and Tetracell technology. In this week's photography news, see just how small the sensor is.

Apple has just added a cash incentive to its ‘Shot on iPhone’ contest

Following complaints that Apple's "Shot on iPhone" contest appeared to offer no financial reward for the winning photographers, the company has reworded its terms and conditions to indicate that it will offer compensation.
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With updates and new lenses, Hasselblad's medium-format baby grows into its own

With the X1D, Hasselblad took a bold step in a new direction and has remained committed to it with periodic firmware updates and many new lenses. But the mid-priced medium-format camera remains best suited to ultra-high-end photography.
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Facebook is shutting down its Moments photo app because nobody knew it existed

Facebook Moments will soon join the list of Facebook's failed apps. The app, which was designed for a more private photo sharing using facial recognition, will be shutting down on February 25.
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A year after release, Sony's mighty A9 is still the camera to beat

Sony wowed the photography world when it introduced the sports-oriented A9 with its 20 fps electronic shutter and no-blackout viewfinder. A year later, the camera is still going strong -- and is yet to be dethroned.

We shot Hasselblad’s fastest lens ever, the XCD 80mm f/1.9, and it’s stunning

With an aperture that just breaks through the f/2 barrier, Hasselblad's new XCD 80mm f/1.9 is the first truly fast lens for the medium-format X1D-50c. The total number of lenses for the two-year-old system now stands at six.

Dropbox adds time-stamped comments for video and audio file collaboration

Working with a team on a video or audio file? Dropbox will now allow you to add comments to a specific time in the video or audio file. The update also comes with improved options for working with video, like playback thumbnails.

Olympus shooters will soon have 1,000mm lenses and wireless flash capability

The Olympus family is about to gain longer lenses and a native wireless flash system. Olympus announced the development of the M.Zukio Digital ED 150-400mm F/4.5 TC1.25x IS Pro, as well as the new FL-700WR and wireless flash commander…