10 digital camera deals for everyone from adventurers to aspiring professionals

Are you in the market for a new camera? We've hunted down the top 10 digital camera deals available online right now, from simple point-and-shoot devices to professional-quality DSLR cameras.

Lytro is calling it quits, but says light field tech will live on

The company behind the original light field camera and advanced virtual reality cameras is shutting down. Lytro announced that the company is winding down, but suggests that light field technology will live on.

From filters to mounts, these 16 GoPro accessories help you shoot all the action

A GoPro is only as good as the tools you use with it. Here, we've rounded up the best GoPro accessories currently available, from rotating time-lapse mounts to a wearable camera harness for your best friend.

Moment Filmmaker Collection brings cinematic shooting to smartphone cameras

The Moment Filmmaker Collection combines four accessories that push beyond the limits of your phone’s built-in camera, promising cinematic results like never before thanks to an anamorphic lens and filter adapter.

Need Photoshop? Here’s how to get it without overpaying

Since Adobe switched over to the Creative Cloud, licensing Photoshop has gotten a bit more confusing, and it's definitely possible to overpay for it. Here are all the ways you can pay for it and how much each costs.
Product Review

Steadicam’s Air monopod with pneumatic lift is as smooth as a barbershop chair

Monopods offer mobile, comfortable camera support, but adjusting the height isn’t always easy to do on the fly. The Steadicam Air fixes this with a foot-activated gas lift spring.

Here’s a few tips and tricks to get the most out of Instagram

Instagram might be everyone's favorite app for sharing photos, but it's more powerful features are a bit hidden. Here's how to get started and how to take your mobile photography to the next level.
Social Media

Instagram isn’t going chronological, but it is changing how feeds work

Despite persistent rumors, Instagram is not going back to chronological order. However, it is introducing a new feature that will make give users more control over their feeds.

Get the most out of your GoPro’s Time Lapse Video mode with these tips

GoPro action cameras have a built-in time-lapse mode, but there are still a few variables you can play around with to get the most out of it. We break down the basics to help you get better shots.

Can the DSLR reinvent itself to thrive in a mirrorless world?

As mirrorless cameras continue to pick up speed -- with thanks mainly to Sony's innovative offerings -- the DSLR is beginning to look like a dinosaur faced with enduring a meteor impact. But can it still be saved?

Photo FOMO: Fujifilm X-H1 malfunctions, camera straps go modular

In case you missed it, find out what X-H1 bugs Fujifilm is fixing with firmware, how camera straps are going modular, where VSCO found their latest preset inspiration, and the newest camera bag from a company called Douchebags.

Getty is using watermarks to create safe drinking water

Think watermarks are just for protecting images? Getty is now using them to raise money to provide clean drinking water in third-world countries with a campaign called Watermarks for Water.