Pentax debuts K-r DSLR, Optio RZ10 and Optio R1000 cameras

Camera maker Pentax has announced there new cameras going into the end-of-the-year buying season, the new K-r DSLR camera aimed at experienced photographers who value the power of interchangeable lenses and manual control, along with the new high-zoom Optio RZ10 and the 14 megapixel Optio R1000 for point-and-shoot photographers.

pentax debuts k r dslr optio rz10 and r1000 cameras line  sept 2010

First up, the new middle-of-the-line K-r DSL (which will be available in a variety of body colors, including pink and red) aims to combine the power of DSLR photography with ease of operation and improved low-light performance—all; the way down to ISO 25600 via a custom function. The K-r captures 12.4 megapixel still images and can handle 720p high-definition video recording at 25 frame per second; the camera also features a 6 fps burst shooting mode for capturing action, in-body image stabilization, and an 11-point autofocus system. The K-r sports a 3-inch LCD display, support for a variety in-camera effects and editing features, and—in a good move for travelers—the K-r can also use either a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack or run off standard AA batteries. The camera can also be used with IrSimple compatible devices to send images and data wirelessly—although there aren’t many IrSimple devices out there, two K-r cameras can use the technology to swap exposure settings. Pentax says the K-r should be available in October with a body-only kit going for $800; with an 18–55mm lens it’ll be $850, and the K-r will also be sold for $900 to $1,000 with different double-lens kits.

pentax debuts k r dslr optio rz10 and r1000 cameras  sept 2010

Next up, Pentax looks to more mainstream photographers with its Optio RZ10, which offers a 14.1 megapixel resolution. 2.7-inch LCD display, HD video capture (720p), and a 10× optical zoom. The Optio RZ10 features sensor shift shake reduction technology reduce motion blur, automatic scene selection, face detection technology—and a Pet mode optimized for taking pictures of pre-registered faces of dogs and cats. The RZ10 should be available this month with a retail price near $220—it’ll be available in black, silver, white, violet, and lime.

pentax debuts k r dslr optio rz10 and r1000 cameras option  sept 2010

Finally, the new Optio R1000 offers a 14.1 megapixel resolution, 3-inch LCD display, a 4× optical zoom, and features a unique “dress-up” sheet feature that enables users to customize the look of the camera by inserting one of three included decorative cards—or, really, anything they like, say a photo—between the camera body and a transparent front panel. (The idea, presumably, is that if the camera doesn’t clashes with one’s wardrobe, one can change the camera rather than one’s clothes.) The R1000 features face detection for easy snapshots, 720p high-definition movie recording, a selection of built-in digital filters and effects, and an auto-tracking autofocus so moving subjects stay in focus. The Optio R1000 should be available this month for a retail price around $150; the basic bodies are black or white, without the dress-up sheets.

pentax debuts k r dslr optio rz10 and r1000 cameras option  sept 2010