Pentax marks success of K-3 DSLR with limited Prestige Edition

pentax marks success k 3 dslr limited presitge edition prestige

Ricoh’s Pentax K-3 is one of the better DSLRs to come out recently, garnering from us an Editor’s Choice award. It’s fast and rugged, takes great photos, and has an anti-aliasing simulator that you can turn on and off. While it’s priced on the high side, Ricoh has just released a limited-edition version that may add some extra value.

Appropriately named the K-3 Prestige Edition, only 2,000 will be made. It has a sleek “high-grade, gunmetal gray” body, but everything else remains the same. Because the K-3 received so many accolades, Pentax decided to commemorate this achievement with this special edition, the company says.

While no lens is included in the $1,400 price tag (a $200 premium over the standard K-3), the Prestige K-3 comes with a matching battery grip (BG-5) and black leather strap.

If you want to save that $200 and put it toward a Pentax lens, you can’t go wrong, as you’ll still get a great camera. Click here to read our full review of the K-3.