Philips introduces new DualMode cameras

When the ToUcam MAX 1000 (DMVC1000) and the ToUcam MAX 2000 (DMVC2000) are connected to Internet, the cameras can be used for video chatting with friends and family around the world. By directly connecting the cameras to the TV, photos can also be shared in the living room with others.

With both cameras high quality pictures and short video clips can be taken and even voice-memos can be recorded, which makes the camera an easy carry-around media companion on the go. Favorite computer files can also be stored in the camera or in its memory card so that the user can always carry around his or hers most important files in the stylish and compact camera.

ToUcam MAX 2000
The top of the range model ToUcam MAX-2000 combines needs of business and personal digital life in one convenient device. It is a multipurpose portable camera and features a web camera, digital still camera, a video clip recorder, voice recorder and a USB storage device in a stylish compact design.

When using the camera with an external USB storage drive, it can save at least 16MB of data and video files in it’s internal memory; adding a sound disk memory card into the camera can further expand such capability.

The MAX-2000 is using a true 2-MegaPixel resolution image sensor to capture all images. Such resolution is ideal for printing out the pictured images. An LCD preview display shows all pictures stored in the camera and also allows previewing before the images are actually taken.

The MAX-2000 also features a burst picture mode when taking pictures. This feature allows picturing on moving objects. In addition, a fix focus macro lens allows users conveniently shooting a close up picture or a wide-angle picture.

The built-in microphone not only allows voice memo recording when carrying around, it also enables videoconference to be conducted by connecting the camera with a PC. A video cable is supplied with the product to show the pictures and video clips directly on the TV.

ToUcam MAX 1000
Philips adopts the latest technology in digital media integration on the newly introduced ToUcam MAX-1000. It combines necessary media taking features; such as Video, Audio, Picture and Internet live video into a slim, compact design. It provides true 1.3 Mega Pixel resolution images and hi-accuracy color reproduction capability to ensure high quality image performance, no matter on screen or on printouts.

Common features
The “Download Express” feature allows users to have a hand-free media download operation once the ToUcam MAX is connected to a PC.  The downloaded image will be automatically categorized according to its media type and date of taking. Such a “Link-and-Forget” operation provides a maximum convenience to users.

Both models are supplied with a tripod to shoot still pictures and videos clips, or have an easy video chatting when connected to the PC. A hand strap and a velvet bag are also bundled for easily carrying around while on the move.

The advanced software bundle of both models contains advanced image and video editing software, and NetMeeting for Internet online video communication.
All software can be used immediately after going through an easy installation set-up process and is integrated in one combined interface.

The ToUcam MAX cameras of Philips are suitable for both business and personal purposes, thus users will be able to record every important instance as well as sharing joys, experiences, and memories with each other. Ultimately, they will become the symbol of a digital life style and also the personal media companion.

The ToUcam MAX cameras will be available in Europe mid-2003 at a price of Euro 129 (DMVC1000) and Euro 199 (DMVC2000).

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