Philips OneSpace turns a ceiling into a big soft box, giving a room optimal lighting for photos

philips onespace turns ceiling to softbox

Photographers love overcast days because of the evenly-lit soft box effect that the clouds create. What if you could mimic that same even glow from one lighting fixture, inside a building? That’s what Philips has in mind with the OneSpace.

The OneSpace – which ranges in sizes, from a 2.4-meter (approximately 8 feet) square unit to a 3 x 10-meter (approximately 10 x 33 feet) unit – uses LED lights that are behind a diffuser. Philips claims the OneSpace will “deliver glare-free LED light that eliminates shadows completely so you can view objects in their true light.” While the color temperature is set to 4,000K by default, you can adjust it between 3,000K (halogen) and 5,000K (daylight).

If you love to set things at maximum power, the OneSpace will shoot out 2,460 lumens per square meter if you do so, with the radiant emittance being 38 watts per square meter. Of course, if you’re not one to crank the dial all the way, you can dim it down to 10 percent of the top brightness.

While photographers will surely love to have one of these in their home or studio, the OneSpace is being marketed toward showrooms and airports. Philips is currently demoing the OneSpace at the Light + Building fair in Frankfurt, Germany, and while Philips did not announce how much it’ll cost, we can’t imagine it being anything less than expensive.

(Via PetaPixel via Pop Photo)