Fiverr Faces app uses pro artists to illustrate your selfies

photo selfies are so yesterday turn it into an illo with fiverr faces app 1
The “talent-for-hire” site Fiverr is putting a new face on. That is, it debut Fiverr Faces, a standalone iOS app that lets users select a graphic artist to create a personalized caricature from a selfie (or even a professional portrait). Faces is already a service offered through Fiverr’s website, but the app is designed specifically with selfies in mind.

fiverr-faces-2Faces will run you about $10 (the app itself is free to download), though prices can vary. Get started by taking a selfie, or finding a photo that you want to have drawn. Go to the Fiverr Faces app, and browse the samples to identify a graphic style you like (impressionist, cubist, pop-art, cartoon, etc.). Once selected, you’re connected with a Fiverr artist who will transform your selfie into a custom work of art. When you get your selfie drawing back – it takes between one to three days – you own the rights to use it across the Web. Note that the samples aren’t actually how your painted selfies will look; they are simply examples of the style the artist will be working in.

Fiverr says this service is unlike other caricature-generating apps because the portrait is not computer generated, but created by a graphic artist (i.e., humans). If you’re wondering about the quality of the art, Fiverr says Faces currently only employs its top artists. (Artists are welcome to join the program, but again, they must be considered high-ranked.)

“Fiverr Faces can make any face stand out in a sea of selfies,” says Micha Kaufman, Fiverr’s CEO. “This is the first of what we expect to become a long list of category-specific apps Fiverr will introduce.”

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