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iPhone full? Photo Space app shrinks 7 GB of photos down to 1 GB

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A new app could just be the answer to the most dreaded error message for iPhone photographers: There is not enough available storage to take a photo. Avast Photo Space shrinks 7 GB of photos down to just 1 GB — without compromising quality.

While there are a number of options for shrinking down files, the end result is usually the same: smaller files equals lower quality. While Photo Space will shrink down the resolution of the photos to the same resolution as the iPhone screen, it also uploads the original, full-resolution version to cloud storage. That means you won’t notice a difference in quality while browsing through photos on your phone, but if you do want to print one out or upload a full resolution shot, you can simply access the image in the cloud.

Photo Space allows users to choose what cloud service they want to use, like Dropbox or Google Drive, so they’re not obligated to buy more iCloud space. Avast, a company specializing in security software, released the app earlier this week.

“In an age where endless apps let users snap photos, mobile device storage can quickly become overwhelmed with the burden of storing hundreds, or even thousands, of videos, photos, and images. With the value we place on photos, users shouldn’t have to choose between freeing space and keeping old photos,” said Gagan Singh, Avast mobile president. “With Avast Photo Space, users can free up storage on their devices without having to agonize over which photos to save and which to delete.”

The app also includes a camera mode, which allows you to automatically upload to the cloud and shrink the phone-stored file with every photo.

The app is available for free for iOS in the App Store.

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