Look more professional shooting video on iPad with Photojojo’s iOgrapher rig

photojojo releases iographer video rig for ipad case 2
iOgrapher gives iPad users a new way to shoot video.

The capabilities of today’s tablets and smartphones have inspired people to take an active interest in videography. In many cases, you don’t always need a lot of expensive camera equipment to obtain good results – there’s a huge array of modestly-priced accessories online tailored to your specific mobile device. For those who like using iPads to shoot video (and there are many of them), Photojojo has released the iOgrapher.   

The iOgrapher case is essentially a portable video rig unique to the iPad. Made from a durable, high-grade polycarbonate, iOgrapher is fitted with two handles on either side, giving you greater control when shooting. This is a cool feature, considering holding onto an iPad by itself could cause severe camera shake and sweaty hands. Seeing someone hold up an iPad to shoot can look downright ridiculous, but at least this case attempts to add a little credibility to the “iPadography” medium. 

Another interesting feature is that the iOgrapher supports a 37mm lens thread, giving you the freedom to interchange different types of lenses – wide angle, fisheye, macro — or filters as you see fit; the case comes with one wide angle lens to start you off with, in case you don’t have one. The iOgrapher also has various top and bottom mounts for connecting lighting and audio attachments or a tripod.  

iOgrapher has connectors allowing you to attach various camera accessories to your iPad.
The iOgrapher allows you to attach various camera accessories to your iPad.

You can attach any microphone to this case, but iOgrapher creators made the Rode Video Mic to specifically complement it. Rode is a portable boom mic that plugs into any audio jack – you can even use it with a DSLR camera or iPhone – and provides up to 70 hours of pro recording using a single 9-volt battery. Rode has a suspension system that cuts down on typical mic distortions like pops and rumbles, and it has simple controls that can be set for quiet or loud environments.

For the iPad Mini, iOgrapher costs $85 solo or $320 with the Rode mic; for the iPad 2 or or higher, it costs $90 or $325 with the mic. The case is available for purchase via Photojojo’s website.

Below is a short video giving you a closer look at the iOgrapher case. For more videos, which includes tutorials and other fun stuff, check out iOgrapher’s YouTube channel.  

(Via Imaging Resource)