Photojojo’s battery products recharge mobile devices from unlikely places

Photojojo sells a lot of funky photo accessories, and a lot of them are surprisingly useful, like this new camera bag divider that doubles as a battery charger.

The Super Charged Bag Divider is a padded divider that fits into most camera bags to create separate compartments, but it has a pocket that contains a 3,000 mAh battery for recharging mobile devices like iPhones, camera accessories, and even some cameras. It’s one of those simple yet why-didn’t-anybody-thought-of-this-earlier products that come in handy. The battery can recharge most phones up to two times, and the battery itself recharges via USB. When it’s not needed, the battery pocket can double as storage.

Since most camera bags have insides made of felt, the Bag Divider simply adheres via Velcro. Photojo also says the divideri is made out of a high-quality fabric that won’t scratch your pricey camera gear.

You can use the Super Charged Bag Divider to separate your camera from accessories, or whatever else you feel like. (Image via Photojojo)

If you’re looking for alternative way to charge, Photojojo has also released The Ride-a-long, another USB battery that hooks up to the wheels of your bike and charges using your leg power. The battery is a little smaller, though, at 1,650 mAh.