Redesigned Google Images enhances search experience with new layout and increased speed

redesigned google images enhances search experience with new layout and increased speed faster

Google Images is a nifty tool for finding all sorts of images on the Web. But some of the issues we encounter tend to be related to accuracy and speed. The next time you search for an image via Google, however, you might notice some changes. According to Google’s Webmaster Central Blog, image search is getting a new look and feel. Google says they have “redesigned Google Images to provide a better search experience.” The new Google Images will display results in an inline panel. Google claims this will be “faster, more beautiful, and more reliable.” Google has also added the ability to browse a set of images using the keyboard.

As part of the redesign, Google is putting detailed information about each image front and center. Metadata will now be featured right underneath the image in the results. Google has also added more clickable targets to the image’s source page. By increasing click targets from two to four, Google says they’ve seen a net increase of click-through rates to the hosting websites. In another boon to webmasters, Google Images will no longer load the source page of the hosting site, which reduces the load on the source servers while also speeding up the user experience.

Give it a try: the new search features are now live.

(Image via Google)