Ricoh adds a sweet touch to its DSLRs with the candy-colored Pentax K-S1

Of all the DSLRs available, Ricoh’s Pentax series are probably the most colorful, and the company isn’t shy about offering cameras in the most bodacious hues. For its K-S1 DSLR, a midrange model that has a unique LED-illuminated grip and buttons, Ricoh has announced three new candy-inspired colors: Strawberry Cake, Blue Cream Soda, and Lime Pie.

If you want to get noticed, shooting with one of these new K-S1s – Ricoh calls it the Sweets Collection – will surely draw lots of attention. DSLRs are often viewed as serious cameras, but these toy-like colors on a white-colored body certainly bring an element of fun. Some will find the colors cheeky, but others will find them repulsive. Regardless of opinion – style is subjective, after all – you can’t deny these cameras are unique, and add a splash of personality to what’s usually ho-hum black.

The Sweets Collection K-S1s are purely cosmetic, as everything internal remains the same, including the 20-megapixel APS-C sensor, anti-aliasing filter simulator (you can read more about the camera here), and the LED-illuminated user interface. What’s new is a lower suggested retail price ($700, with a matching white-colored 18-55mm) and the inclusion of the terribly named Flucard, an SD card with Wi-Fi functionality.

The Sweet Collection will be available in November 2014. If you aren’t sold on the neon-bright colors, Ricoh also offers the K-S1 in the less polarizing Fabric and Night Sky Collections, which we think are very stylish.

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Amazon: Pentax K-S1 with 18-55mm lens

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