Ricoh touts fast frame rates, user-selectable anti-aliasing in new Pentax K-3 DSLR

ricoh touts fast frame rates selectable anti aliasing in new pentax k 3 dslr

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Calling it “the most advanced enthusiast DSLR available,” Ricoh launched a new flagship model in the Pentax line with the K-3, a 24-megapixel APS-C DSLR ($1,300, body only) that “brings unparalleled technology and advanced specifications presenting photographers with a solution that raises the bar while removing limitations.” Whoa, those are some bold statements.

How advanced is this enthusiast DSLR? Ricoh says the weather-sealed, magnesium alloy K-3 has a fast continuous shooting at 8.3 frames per second, at full resolution. It also has an anti-aliasing filter that can be turned on and off – allowing the user to decide between full image resolution or moire control (Ricoh calls it the world’s first selectable anti-aliasing filter). The enhanced autofocusing system, which uses 27 AF points, has “high light-sensitivity, covering a wide AF working range of -3 EV to +18 EV,” Ricoh said. “The Real-Time Scene Analysis System has an 86,000-pixel RGB light-metering sensor and improved algorithms that further enhance the accuracy of exposure, white balance and auto-focusing.” A large optical viewfinder with new optics is brighter and offers a 100-percent field of view, complementing the 3.2-inch LCD (rated 1,037 dots)

There are two memory card slots. The K-3 is also compatible with the Pentax FLU SDHC memory card that gives the camera wireless connectivity, allowing the user to do live view, release the shutter, shift AF sensor point, and review images through a PC or smart device via the Web browser.

For videographers, the K-3 can record not only Full HD, but also a series of 4K-resolution movie clips at a fixed interval. There are jacks for external headphones and mics. 

Available in November, the K-3 will also come in a kit for $1,700 that includes the DA 18-135mm F3.5-5.6 WR zoom lens. A limited production K-3 Premium Silver Edition – with only 2,000 units made – will be offered at $1,600, which includes a silver body and silver battery grip made just for the K-3. The 16GB FLU SDHC card will sell for $100, while a non-silver battery grip will go for $230. 

When we last looked at a Pentax DSLR, the K-30, we thought it was just OK but could be better. As impressive as the K-3 specs sound, we can’t judge its performance based on paper, but perhaps this is the DSLR that we were craving. Pentax has a loyal following, however, who will be pleased with this new high-end offering. 

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