Rumor: Could Samsung’s June 20 event see an unveiling of this Android camera?

rumored_Samsung_Galaxy_NX_frontCheck out our review of the Samsung Galaxy NX digital camera.

After introducing a point-and-shoot camera last year that runs on Android, we wondered where Samsung would take that concept next. This week, we saw the unveiling of a version of the Galaxy S4 called the Zoom, a smartphone encased in a body of a point-and-shoot – but it’s really a smartphone, nonetheless. But, if the leaked images from a Vietnamese tech site Tinhte (via Slashgear) are to be believed, then an Android-powered, NX-mount mirrorless camera might be the next follow-up.

Samsung Mobile’s vice president JK Shin had confirmed that a mirrorless camera would debut next week at a special event, according to the Korea Times. The camera, labeled as Galaxy NX in the images, is said to have a 20.3-megapixel APS-C sensor and run on Android 4.2, according to rumors. From the leaked images, the Galaxy NX resembles a DSLR with a viewfinder (we assume an electronic version since it’s mirrorless), shutter button, possibly a mode dial, video record button, and a large touchscreen display that covers the entire back, sporting an Android UI.


Because we can’t vouch for the credibility of some of the sites quoted, take these images and info with a grain of salt. The only thing we can confirm is that Samsung will hold an event in London next week on June 20, where the company will reveal new Galaxy and ATIV hardware. While everyone is expecting smartphones, tablets, and computers, this rumor suggests the supposed Galaxy NX may also make an appearance.

We will have in-depth coverage from Samsung’s event next week, so stay tuned.

(Images via Tinhte)


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