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Samsung announces new Wi-Fi-enabled digital camera

With omni-connected smartphones quickly usurping traditional cameras as the popular choice for amateur photography, Samsung has announced a new camera that should appeal to those who’ve grown accustomed to being able to send and share photos instantly. The SH100 will feature Wi-Fi connectivity to let users directly upload photographs and HD videos to social networks like Facebook, photo-sharing sites such as Picasa, or send them directly through an e-mail account.

Samsung says the SH100 will also feature a back-up setting in which new photographs and videos will be automatically downloaded to a PC through a Wi-FI connection — even if the computer is powered down. Owners of DLNA-compatible HD TVs will be able to send photos and video directly to their sets for instant exhibitions.

Extending the SH100’s Wi-Fi capabilities even further is a remote shutter release feature that will turn smartphones into remote controls. So for a group shot, the photographer will be able to position the camera and then join the group and snap the picture remotely through a mobile device.  The smartphone can also be used to make last minute zoom adjustments, as well. It’s not clear if the feature will only be available for users of Samsung’s Galaxy S or be available across a range of smartphone devices and operating systems.

Samsung says the SH100 will also employ a smartphone-esque, touch-based user interface complete with apps to drag about and rearrange.

Wi-Fi aside, the camera looks to be a relatively normal compact camera. There’s a somewhat slow f 4.7 lens, but a substantial 14.2 megapixel sensor.

The SH100 will be available starting this coming March for $199.99.

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