Samsung debuts the feature-full MV900F Smart Camera: new sensor, flip screen, Wi-Fi, and more

MV900F smart cameraThis morning Samsung announced its new point-and-shoot, the MV900F Smart Camera. The unconventional camera features a 3.3-inch flexible AMOLED screen that flips up instead of out, like most vari-angle displays do.

That’s easily the most eye-catching thing about the MV900F, but this is a seriously feature-full camera. Aside from its unusual build, the point-and-shoot is also Wi-Fi-capable, offers a touchscreen, gesture shot control, and in-camera editing. And while there are plenty of flashy extras, the basics specs are pretty impressive as well:

  • 16.3 megapixel CMOS sensor
  • 5x optical zoom
  • 1080p full HD

The MV800 was a decent camera with some of the same “extras” as the MV900F, but the image quality didn’t live up to any hype about the design. But we had a chance to check out Samsung’s line of Smart cameras at CES earlier this year, and while it can be hard to see past all the add-on features, image results were solid.

And at the moment, there are a few key elements a point-and-shoot needs to at least attempt to provide in order to complete with smartphones: Wi-Fi, auto-sharing, a small size, editing and filters, and most importantly, better image quality. It’s also encouraging to see manufacturers experiment with features and build in their point-and-shoots instead of churning out the same old, time-tested models — those clearly aren’t going to be able to compete with the smartphone.  There’s a feeling that this might be a losing battle, but it’s not an unwarrented one. And it’s important to see if a new type of point-and-shoot strikes a chord with consumers. 

The upgraded sensor combined with the popular, innovative design could be a jackpot. The camera will retail for $350 and will be available at the end of August. Check out the photos for a better look at the MV900F.

MV900F black MV900F black front MV900F white